A community for thoughts, ideas, and discussion. Most websites focused on communities were built or are based off of design standards from 10 years ago. Our goal at Nanobash is to redefine the way communities are used online and rethink how they should be built.

What should I post?

Anything that follows our standards policy outlined here. Interesting and compelling posts will rise to the top through our voting system while bad posts will remain hidden for the majority of users. We allow link, image, and text posts (or any combination of the three!), feel free to post anything you think the community would find valuable.

What makes this site different than all the others?

There used to be a time we here at Nanobash browsed news aggregators and forums all day. Today we struggle to find any content that can hold our interest for more than a few minutes at a time. Our goal is to give users higher quality content that is more connected to their direct interests.

How do you plan to do that?

We’re slowly developing a large amount of features which should accomplish this including.
  • Sub categories for different interests
  • Discovery tool for organizing communities you are apart of (Easy to find new active communities you are interested in and organize the content in a way that’s easy for you to digest)
  • Unique features for communities with different needs (Polls, Layout, Chat Rooms, Etc…)
  • Rankings that let active users show off their contribution to the site and their communities
  • And much much more!
How do you plan on running this site?

We want to leave the entire site primarily user controlled. We will actively ask what features you guys are interested in and develop solutions for them. Instead of guessing what may or may not be useful for you we would prefer to have our design decisions come from users who are actively engaged in Nanobash.

What are your views on privacy, allowed content, etc..?

We will use the collected data from usage to help improve user experience, but never anything beyond that. All types of content are allowed as it is not harmful to others (Personal Information or Inciting Violence against a group/individual) and not illegal to host in the US. Basically we will not screw you over (We want to make Nanobash a long term success, short sighted policies against our users would hurt this).

What should I do?

Use the site and enjoy! Keeping the front page full of high quality content and comments helps us tremendously. If you are interested in doing more you can contact us directly at or look at the bottom right hand part of the screen to talk directly with us with your criticism, praise, and ideas!