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July 20, 2015

Hey everyone, welcome to Nanobash!

Here are a few links to get started:

About Us
Content Policy

What is Nanobash?

Nanobash is a place to post anything from images, to news articles, to text posts. The idea is that through our rating system, the best and most interesting content will rise to the top. Each post has a comments section in which users can discuss and talk about the particular post.


1. First and foremost our plan is to listen closely to our users and make all decision based on your needs.
2. We made this site with the intention of creating a place for high quality discussion. We intend on using our rating system and content policy to ensure our users will see the best posts!

How it works

1. Create an account with the sign up button at the top right of your screen
2. Confirm your email address with the link provided in your email
3. Log In and click the New Post button at the top of your screen
4. Post any type of interesting content that follows our Content Policy
5. Let people rate it in the "Basher"
6. If the average rating is high enough it will be promoted to the new and hot categories to be seen by all!

What will make this site unique?

We currently have a lot of features planned after we nail down the bugs. Here's a little taste of what you have to look forward to!

1. Sub categories for different interests
2. Discovery tool for organizing communities you are apart of (Easy to find new active communities you are interested in and organize the content in a way that’s easy for you to digest)
3. Unique features for communities with different needs (Polls, Layout, Chat Rooms, Etc…)
4. Rankings that let active users show off their contribution to the site and their communities


We are a brand new site so you're bound to run into a decent amount of bugs. Please report them here so we can fix them ASAP!

1. Error Messages don't display properly

More Information to Come!