Nanobash - Blog

The Idea

After the YC Fellowship was announced yesterday on hacker news I got excited about the new idea YC was trying and decided to apply. I thought it might be an interesting experiment if everyone could post their applications in the same place and get them reviewed by one another. The idea stemmed from the fact that with Nanobash I could customize and build a community exactly catered to that need to exemplify the utility of Nanobash.

The Results

Unfortunately the idea does not seem to have taken off. When the deadline approaches for applications I will attempt another post to see if I gain any interest. I still believe it would be beneficial for anyone who is planning on applying.

The Future

I'll keep up the application page up until the deadline of the application after which I remove it as a visible section of the website. I will however re-use parts of the code for future plans that I have for the site.