Nanobash - Blog
July 23, 2015

The Start

I have decided to overhaul the entire site. I realize that I have been too stuck in the mindset of other content aggregators that have come before without realizing the true potential of a new a system. With that said I will be working hard trying to get everything functioning as soon as possible. I expect the process to take around 3 days to fully complete.

The Plan

I will be redesigning the entire site with modern web design principles. A lot of what currently exists on the site looks dated and would be more standard about 5 years ago. I will be attempting to make a desktop version separate from the mobile version of the site. The mobile version will function very similarly to how the site currently functions. However, the desktop version will be heavily based on making everything usable without ever having to change pages.

The Future

Nanobash will be continuously worked on with features being added daily to make the site as awesome as possible.

See everyone in about 3 days