Nanobash - Blog
July 25, 2015

A whole new look

The redesign has now been more or less completed, I'm working out a few bugs, but the overall look and feel of the site has been overhauled with a new fresh look. I think the current look will be here to stay for awhile as any improvements will likely be incremental rather than requiring everything to be torn up and re-done. Looks like I've finished about a day ahead of schedule as well!

Why the change?

After starting Nanobash I have been visiting new websites and startups increasingly often. While I believe the old look of Nanobash still exceeded many of them, I feel like a couple manage to take web design to a new level. With this redesign I looked to put Nanobash on par with the best of the best in terms of design and usability.

What's next?

Specifically I intend to start working on making some specific sub-sections of the website to cater to certain communities that are in need of specialized features. I will of course be doing bug fixes and might implement a few more small features such as private messages or leader-boards for users. Everything is set up to make Nanobash a success, now all that's needed is to get people on it.

To the future!