Nanobash - Blog
August 23, 2015

Why the change?

The original idea for Nanobash was to essentially create a better, more intuitive, more specialized Reddit. I implemented several features which should have in theory accomplished the goal, but there was a big struggle in getting anyone to actually use the platform. There was a huge chicken/egg problem and even when I curated content from other places instead of solving the content problem it caused the site to feel less personal and harder to get involved since if you did comment it would be nearly impossible to get responded to since content was moving too quickly.

The New Direction

After realizing growing a community from scratch was probably going to be extremely difficult due to the fact that hacker news already served as a sufficient platform for what I was trying to create. For Nanobash to work and grow I need to create technologies for communities which currently aren't able to thrive due to the limitations of other community sites such as reddit. As I thought about this I realized that there weren't any communities which I was an active member of that really needed this, but I know there are several communities out than and I still know that IF people switched over Nanobash it would be much more user friendly for both new and old users due to all the improvements I've already made.

The Solution

Instead of trying to become active in existing communities and create a grass-roots rise for a specific category then expanding, I believe it makes a lot more sense to let other people take advantage of the platform I've created and grow their own grass roots communities while I develop specific features common among all the communities helping them grow. Since I now should theoretically only have to do the technical part of Nanobash while others focus on the community aspect I have decided to offer an ad share program where Nano owners can earn money based on the amount of traffic they bring to their Nano.

The Branding

I've decided to look bigger than limiting each Nano to be a very simple focused community. Instead I want to treat each individual Nano like it's own startup where non-technical people can create a startup without any technical skills required. I will be dedicated to growing out the biggest most successful Nano's while still offering the added features to everyone using the platform. It doesn't make sense for 10 people who are developing similar sites to spend large amounts of time coding extremely similar or identical features in a non-optimal way. If all this code could just be written once and used by anyone creating a startup it would make the barrier to entry increasingly easier for people interested in entrepreneurship.

Why Startups?

There are other sites such as Weebly which focus on allowing people to create their own websites. I've also seen websites designed to let people create websites for their own personal businesses. Neither of these are the goal for Nanobash. Nanobash is meant to be a place where entrepreneurs can create tech-businesses without the need for technical skills. Nano's are meant to be startups which can grow to the site of other top websites on the internet such as reddit, pinterest, buzzfeed, new york times, etc... Instead of simple life-style business I want people creating Nanos to be focused on starting million-dollar businesses that could potentially get VC funding, be acquired, etc... Not every Nano will achieve this level of success and will probably make just a moderate amount of ad revenue, a high level of success should be the goal for users of the platform.

What's next

Next up will be an increased focus on getting Founders/Nano creators to start using the platform. Currently the only community-type functioning properly is the text-community type, but in the coming days I intend on completing the remaining features that need to be coded as well as fixing bugs found throughout the site. A few more days of development are needed then the focus will shift completely to growth and the needs of the individual Nano creators. The future looks exciting.